Monday, July 13, 2009

Eggs; green egg laid by Yofi the Chicken


Brusel Sprouts

Goats cleaning the yards

Yofi visiting the chickens

Now I understand why Chez Panisse of Berkeley, California wins so many awards. Truly sustainable organic fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, and even meat. Also using the finest sustainable fertilizers make Green String Farm produce amazingly delicious. So when Alice Waters buys her fruit or vegetables from this supplier she creates the most outstanding and tasty meals, consequently wining her fine recognition at her Berkeley restaurant.

Shopping there one day we met a woman, Hylla who helps raise the chickens for eggs and she told me that one of her chickens is named Yofi. Just like my dog, who's name is Yofi for the Hebrew word - Beautiful. So Yofi (the chicken) laid her first eggs last week and Hylla gave me one for my Yofi's (the dog) breakfast. It is a beautiful blue, the sane color Martha Stewart loves so much.