Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wall Shelving Before Color
Wall Shelving After Color; on wall and backing

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the power and beauty of color. Without color, our world would be a boring place. Colors are interesting, emotional, and thought provoking they affect us on many levels. The psychological effects of color are endless; gray can give us a feeling of depression, blue can be soothing, red can increase our blood pressure and pulse rate or make us think of love and passion, yellow can give us a sense of warmth from a natural light source or think of sunlight, green can give us a feeling of growth, nature, or production, violet can make us think of deep inner emotion, and orange - just looking at the color orange can create a chemical reaction in our brains and actually increase the oxygen in our bloodstreams and promotes creativity.

The wall system above was designed with out color, note the difference when color was added to enrich the mood of a living room.

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