Thursday, May 24, 2018


Custom painted white closet by RC Cabinets & Closets of Sonoma. Designed by Malka.

Beautifully designed with belt and scarf drawers.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Neat and tidy shelves, all bins and boxes beautifully organized in a row. 

Walk-In Closet  - The focal point of this closet is the purse cabinet with custom painted lustrous chrome trim with white melamine shelving and drawers. 

Designed by Malka and RC Cabinets & Closets of Sonoma County.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018



The president and creative director of the J. Crew Group. Here is her closet and wardrobe in her home in New York. 
Her words of wisdom written in Glamour Magazine; "Make yourself uncomfortable. Be humble enough to put yourself in situations where you feel outpaced or in over your head. Those moments led to some of the most fortuitous discovers of my life."


Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I Love My Dressing Room  

of Clare V, Founder and CEO of Clare V in Echo Park Los Angeles
A beautiful array of quality purses and accessories.
Clare V's Closet
From House Beautiful 

Clare V Echo Lake

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#Walk In Closets

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Let’s Talk Closets: Why a Walk-in Closet Is a Must Have for Any New Home Buyer

As Per
Fred Gruber, CMPS
Southern California 
in Top Agent Magazine
Let's Talk Closets: Why a Walk-in Closet Is a Must Have for Any New Home BuyerAre you in the market for a new house or condo? Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or intimate, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough space for all of life’s necessities. Many home buyers focus on bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas as their top priorities. But have you given any thought to your closet space?
In today’s blog post we’ll explore why a spacious walk-in closet should be high on your list of “must-haves” for your new home.
Enough Storage For A Stylish Couple 
An upgrade in storage space is the main reason to have a large walk-in closet – and for good reason. Today’s working professional needs a large wardrobe to store suits, work outfits, social attire, shoes, accessories and more. It’s almost impossible to cram everything needed in a small closet with one large hanging rack and a shelf or two. And even if you do decide to fill a smaller closet until it’s bursting at the seams, you’re stuck with having to try to organize it regularly just to be able to find anything. Forget it!
A Showcase For Clothes, Shoes And Accessories 
A walk-in closet isn’t just for piling a ton of clothes into. It’s a showcase for your wardrobe and all of the items in it. Most walk-in closets are designed with numerous shelves, racks and other display areas. Take advantage of these to show off the best pieces in your collection. For example, are you particularly proud of that oxblood leather bag that you found while traveling Europe? Or the hat that you wore to last year’s Kentucky Derby? Your walk-in closet is the right place to show it off.
Room For Elegant Touches Like A Dressing Island 
Finally, if you have enough space in your walk-in closet, you’ll be able to add some elegant touches. A dressing island with built-in shelves is the perfect feature for storing accessories and shoes. You can also add matching jewelry boxes on top to store frequently-used items. An ottoman is another elegant touch that can help make your walk-in closet feel more roomy and comfortable. And don’t forget to include a couple of mirrors for checking your look from multiple angles before you leave the house.
These are just a few of the (many!) reasons why a walk-in closet is an absolute must-have for any new home. When you’re ready to explore financing opportunities for your new home, contact us. Our professional team is happy to assist you.