Thursday, September 25, 2008


Labor Day has passed and we have now entered Fall. It is time to clean and sort your closets to prepare for the colder Autumn and Winter Seasons.

This small and important chore will entail that you go through all your closets of clothing, to clear away your summer linens and cottons. First check for stains, mending needs and aging. If you have not worn any of these summer or spring clothes in these last seasons, then they need to go away; pass them on to the rag bucket or a thrift store. Mend and clean all your good summer and spring clothes before storing them away in another closet or in the back of your main closet.

You will also want the clothes you wear in the next several months to be in the forefront, to be close at hand, easy to access, cleaned and fresh.

In the Chinese Art of
Feng Shui, this clearing out and shifting, will do the same to your lives. It shuffles up the stagnancy and therefore will create a positive energy flow through out your body and your life.

This week has been depressing for many of us in the U.S. When one is down and out it is a good thing to change something we have power over.

Go for it!

Be your own artist and create positive movement.

Painting by Father Arthur Poulin