Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Monday was a day spent in the city to meet with a client and then a hair cut by Micahel Macahilig. 

First meeting with a client to do a new small wall closet and a peek at a her SHOE SHELVING we did last year then on to my hair cut at The Strand by Micahel Macahilig and his little partner "Lester." Micahel comes up from Estetica Salon in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills to be precise, to do my hair and the rich and famous of San Francisco and Stockton doing a fabulous job.

The wonderful Shoe Display with Lucite toe guards.

A perfectly gorgeous day in San Francisco Presidio Heights. 

Micahel Macahilig, me and "Lester."

Beautiful homes of the surrounding San Francisco neighborhood of Presidio Heights and Pacific Heights. 

My day in the life of Closet Designer: 
of RC Cabinets & Closets