Friday, August 21, 2015


Decided to bite the bullet and invest in a real home office. Asked a few friends, got a few bids, discovered you can pay in a range but what you get may not be the same. Decided to work with designer Malka. You have to work with Malka to appreciate what a difference having her work with you makes. Having something designed specifically to your space and how you want to use it makes all the difference in the world. And the quality - beautiful. I went with full wood cabinetry but had I chosen laminate, I still would have benefited from their craftsmanship, materials selection and design expertise. Can't say enough about the company of their staff. Wouldn't use anyone else and found out afterwards that their client list includes many local celebs etc but don't let that deter you. My bids all came within 10% of each other. And you only want to do these types of projects once, so it is worth it to do it right. Am considering additional rooms based on how well this one worked out. 

By Pamela W of Novato, CA



RC Cabinets & Closets

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