Friday, April 1, 2011


The Pathway Home Program

The Pathway Home is set within the beautiful historic Veteran's Home of Yountville, amongst a luscious western mountain range in central Napa Valley.

These are the spaces before our transformation into intake rooms for the dedicated doctors and their incoming patients.

RC CABINETS & CLOSETS, installer John hard at work. Notice how neat the installers keep the work area with a tarp under their tools.

... and a simple, well functioning office is ready for work.

Pathway Home In Yountville

Pathway Home Program is a Residential Recovery facility program specifically created for, and dedicated to serve, our Nation’s “New Warriors”—those of any age who have served our Nation’s Global War on Terror in areas of the world such as Afghanistan and Iraq. These War-fighters have survived the stress of war, but find themselves experiencing problems that are “getting in the way” of functioning at their top form.

The Pathway Home Program gives these young veteran's a chance to heal, they are assisted in addressing many problems facing the vets and can help maximize each patient’s mental and physical health, resiliency, and overall functioning.

The Pathway Home Program is a true therapeutic community for our Warriors that provides a unique physical and treatment environment that is:

Safe · Respectful · Caring · Challenging · Supportive

It was my pleasure to make a tiny contribution and with pride therefore designed and constructed the intake room with my colleagues at RC Cabinets & Closets


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Malka Sabroe-JoHanson said...

Thank you for your post. Yes, my furniture is sort of modular, it is called integral. It is a European faceless frame construction. All panel and shelves and drawers and doors. Far more custom than modular parts and far more functional when designed well.

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