Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Select Mahogany Knife Display Wall Unit
Saint Helena Culinary Institute
This is a custom specialty cabinet that I designed for The Culinary Institute of America's store. This marvelous chef's store is located in this old building which also houses the school. The store does not advertise due to St. Helena special city ordinances but it is the most unique source of tools for a chef and a great place to buy a wedding gift. I love the store and had the opportunity to design this cabinet to display the four top lines of knives in the world that they carry in their store. I used ultra-suede from Kravet Fabrics for the backing because it does not fade and I used special strong magnet strips from Dowling Magnet Manufacture in Sonoma to hold up the knifes. The back stock knife storage is locked in the lower cabinets for easy access to sell to new graduating chefs.

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