Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Neat" Find:

Being organized is no longer a frivolous endeavor, it is a necessary factor in our busy lives. Yes it is true that the economy is frightening, but we still have to work, care for ourselves and our families. How do we do it all when time is so limited? -

We have to be efficient and organized.

I have been in the interior design and construction industry for over thirty years, for the last 18 years I have been designing cabinetry specializing in organization. I design closets, home offices, garages, pantries and any room of the house that needs storage cabinets. Several years ago I was referred by a client to a professional organizer who had come in after I had built her the closets and garage cabinets and helped this client put everything away - in order.

This was
Lanna Nakone Cairns, a professional organizer and member of a prestigious association; N.A.P.O. (National Association of Professional Organizers). Lanna and I have been working with clients ever since. We work together in creating efficiency and organization for our clients busy lives. We assist them in saving time and preserving their personal effects.

Finally, I asked Lanna to come to my house and give me some pointers. Although I am quite fastidious and know how to organize, so I assumed, I wanted her professional advice.

Lanna came on a Friday afternoon, in a whirl she told me exactly what to do, how to do it, showed me solutions and spirited me on my task. Generally she continues to work hand in hand with a client, but she just helped me for that day and I worked the rest of the week end. I was all done by Sunday night, on what I had been putting off for years. I needed Lanna to get me started, I needed her to point the direction and I needed her coaching and expertise. Now it is a pleasure working in my home office and getting much more done.

Lanna Cairns of Organized World. com has moved away to Salt Lake City. I work now with other N.A.P.O. members in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to contact a N.A.P.O. Organizer, they will save you time and money and get you excited about being organized.

See the before and after photos above.

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