Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Closet Designer

Can you believe the transformation of the first photo to the second photo? Yes, it is the same closet but different design!

This was an amazing radical before and after closet that I have ever had the privilege to be part of.

This closet is in a home in the Contra Costa County of California in a perfectly designed and gorgeously decorated home of an equally beautiful client. The house is nestled in the foothills, with lovely manicured gardens that included a tennis court, swimming pool, jacuzzi, putting range, and a very happy dog. Every inch of the house was finely designed with imported furniture and fabrics from all around the world, but the closet looked like the mess in the before closet above. The client tried very hard to be organized but due to the way it was designed before, it was a huge challenge.

Then I came in, yes, we may have gone over the top. And yes, it is now perfectly organized and perfectly fits into the decor of the rest of her home, marble counter, chandelier and all. The drawers in the island are of a better and more organized size, the hanging clothing is protected, the shoes are enclosed with cedar and the tie and belt are protected in the tall narrow drawers in the center of the photo.

I am very pleased with the results of this closet and proud of it's outcome. Yet it was the client's desire and wishes that called this project forward to the completion as shown. I trust she now will enjoy the closet as she enjoys the rest of her perfect home.

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Cristin said...

dream closet indeed!!! xo