Saturday, May 29, 2010


Basic and popular shelves for either shoes or folded clothing.
Solid slanted shoe shelves; a favorite of men. Many men prefer to view their shoes from the front since many of their shoes are of the same color. Men generally are not on intimate familiar terms with their shoes as most women are.
Slanted shoe shelves with hand cut Lucite toe stops.
Slanted solid wood of walnut toe fronts.
Woman's shoe drawer, an all time favorite of many women.
Man's shoe drawer.
The most popular basic shelving for either clothing or shoes. A general and flexible system of usage.
Adjustable shelving allows for the height of different size boots.
Closed shoe cabinet storage with doors.

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The second most important space usage in the wardrobe closet are for shoe storage. Not only to protect and to preserve the shoes but for easy accessibility for ones choice of the days fashion assemblage. The above are some examples of closet shoe storage for my clients though out the recent years.

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