Sunday, June 26, 2011



Not really a closet system specifically for our company of RC Cabinets & Closets is a fully licensed custom cabinetry company in California. We design custom cabinets for all sorts of spaces, I just love designing closets. To be more specific we design custom European Integral Custom Cabinets. Integral means the cabinetry are not module but the parts integrate together. What ever I draw we can create as long as I honor gravity and the state laws of California Building Codes and California State Contractors Codes.

I have noticed in the 20 years that I have been designing, is that many companies are not licensed and do not design correctly. Many of our clients in the 20 years of being in business have the same closet standing in their closet as well as the other custom spaces that we have designed for them; Home Offices, Pantries, Garages, Kitchens and other storage spaces. This comes from good design and excellent materials and construction.

The above closet is a very nice large closet system or closet design in St. Helena for a husband and wife. Simple, but well organized, well built and very well planned for maximized space.

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Malka Sabroe-JoHanson said...

This was a funny movie. The monster got his strength by living in the closets. Everyone in the country had to destroy their closets so the monster would not go in. In the end the monster died and everyone was told to go back and rebuild all their closets.