Friday, January 28, 2011


BUTLER'S PANTRY:A butler's pantry is a utility serving room generally in a large home. It is primarily used to store serving items, rather than food. Traditionally, a butler's pantry was used for storage, cleaning and counting of silver.

In modern homes, butler's pantries are usually located in transitional spaces between kitchens and dining rooms, and used as staging areas for serving meals. They commonly contain counter tops, and storage for tableware, serving pieces, table linens, candles, wine, and other dining-room articles. More elaborate versions may include refrigerators, sinks, or dishwashers.

I grew up in an old in home in Los Angeles with a butler's pantry that actually had a floor foot button to hit to open the door while we carried the trays in to the formal dining room. It was a very useful room to stash all the dirty dishes quickly and still enjoy the meal before completely cleaning up.

The photos above are basic pantries I designed that are similar to what can be referred to the old term of the Butler's Pantry.

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Daniel said...

I just love the Butler's Pantry. There are so many options to really make the space unique to your taste.