Saturday, August 30, 2008


Glamorous Hollywood Style Custom Designed, Custom Painted Walk In Closet to store and display over 300 pairs of shoes and a multitude of beautiful clothes. A woman's dream come true. It took three years to design and redesign this ever evolving closet due to the client's and architect's changes to this room of the house in the process of building it. The Wardrobe Closet project was collaborated with the client's creative interior designer; Trudy Negherbon of Trudy Negherbon Designs, Contra Costa County, California. Trudy Negherbon created a magnificent designed home and was a pleasure to work with.

Note the three
mirrors in the second photo. It is a three way mirror which opens out so one may see themselves from all sides and behind these doors is a wardrobe lined with cedar. An excellent protection for woolen clothing of course. There are other closet cabinets for other storage. But on the most part the client wished to see her clothing in clear view in order to put together her wardrobe ensembles for the day or for a trip.
Hollywood Closet - Glamour Closet

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